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Is middle aged suddenly cool?

Since my middle aged moment on the train a few weeks back and the handstamp incident earlier this year, I’ve been spending far too much time pondering my vanishing youth. But I’ve spotted a glimmer of hope. Here’s my little list of middle aged things which appear to be seeing a renaissance:

1. Knitting & Crochet:
I have a “vested” interest in this one – if crochet is still middle aged, then so am I. But the stars are all at it you know… Scarlett Johannson, Cameron Diaz, Russell Crowe and Kate Moss all knit and Madonna crochets (I like to think that she shares my inability to coordinate two needles at once). Admittedly all those stars are probably, technically middle aged, but with textured knits and crocheted fashion all over the shops, it’s not going away any time soon. Besides, a tween who saw me crocheting in a waiting room the other day told me it was awesome, so there!

2. Novelty Knits:
Once the province of embarrassing Dads and toddlers, now all the cool kids are wearing them. Even if they don’t knit and crochet themselves, chances are they’re wearing something that is desperately trying to be a funky handknitted sweater.

[column width=”30%” padding=”5%”]
ASOS Christmas Pattern Jumper
Christmas Pattern Jumper (ASOS)


[column width=”30%” padding=”5%”]
Badger jumper
Badger jumper (Dorothy Perkins)

[column width=”30%” padding=”0%”]Zebra sleeve oversized jumper (M&Co)
Zebra sleeve oversized jumper (M&Co)


3. Baking:
You can’t move for baking books in the shops around Christmas, and we’re not just buying them for our mums. Great British Bake-off is a huge hit, and Mary Berry rocks.

4. Bingo:
I am reliably informed that bingo is no longer just for grannies and maiden aunts, but is now cool enough for students on a Saturday night. Proof of which comes in the form of my 19 year old stepson, who is not only the proud owner of his very own bingo dabber but an actual member of our local bingo hall. There is something rather recession chic about an evening out where you make money rather than spend it.

Which leaves me a little concerned.

Can I get away with such cool hobbies, or are these things only cool if you’re under 30? And if all these middle aged things are now edgy, then by trying to keep up with kids and “old-school cool”, am I just showing my age?

Or… and this is the one I’m clinging to, has the world actually turned upside down and made me cool after all these years?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but the subject matter and content is all my own.


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