Movember Madness

Show your support for Movember with some fabulous fashion for the mini Mo Bros and Mo Sistas in your life…

Moustache Dummy Notonthehighstreet, £12

Moustache Hairclips George at ASDA, £2.50

Moustache JumperTesco, from £6

Moustache Dress George at ASDA, £8

Moustache T-shirtM&S, £6

Moustache Bodysuit Notonthehighstreet, £16

Moustache Slogan T-shirtGeorge at ASDA, £2

Soft toy with moustacheNotonthehighstreet, £18

Why not sign up as a MO Sista and help fight the good fight for men’s health.

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1 Lovely Comments

  1. Shaun Hoobler, February 19, 2014:

    The George at ASDA looks really cute. Perfect for my baby.
    Shaun Hoobler recently dev empire reviewMy Profile

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