Odd Sock Advent Calendar


I try to avoid giving small one too many sweets, so every year I hunt for advent calendars without chocolate.

They’re nearly always more expensive than the chocolate calendars, so this year I decided I was going to make my own more permanent fabric advent calendar. Unfortunately this month has flown and by yesterday evening it was obvious that the wholesome, homespun advent of my dreams wasn’t going to happen.

I didn’t want to disappoint the children so, panic being the mother of invention, I gathered together all the odd and outgrown socks and gloves I could find and strung them together to make an odd sock advent calendar.

Sock advent calendarIt actually looks quite passable and there’s room in each “pocket” for 2 or 3 little presents which means opening the calendar will be a real family event this year.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, these are the instructions:

1. Find 24 small socks, mittens or gloves. Scratch mitts would be great for this project.

2. Organise them in a colour order you like. Small’s most recent socks have far too much pink, so I played with a bit of dye to get more variety. The socks don’t take vibrant colour and mittens didn’t dye at all so my results were a bit hit and miss. Scratch mitts would dye much better and if I’d not been scared of waking the kids, I would have probably grabbed some brighter colours from the loft but I actually quite like the muted blues, pinks and purples I ended up with.

3. Add numbers – these could be made of felt and stuck on, ironed on as appliques, embroidered or even drawn. I had some leftover bits of VELCRO® from a VELCRO® mask set we were sent for National VELCRO® month so I cut numbers out of that and just stuck them on.

4. Sew the socks and gloves onto a ribbon or string. I used knitting wool, threaded on a darning needle and just ran a running stitch through the backs of each pocket (be careful not to sew them closed!).

5. Hang your garland and add a gift into each pocket. I’m adding one day at a time and will be using a mix of sweets, stickers, craft bits, and anything else I can find that’s cheap and small!

Sock advent garland

National Velcro Month Blog ChallengeDisclosure: I was sent a hamper of VELCRO® products to try for National VELCRO® month. I didn’t plan to use it in this project but I liked that I could use the waste to do something useful and it was so much quicker than anything else I had to hand.


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  1. I love this idea! It’s a great way to use old socks and add a bit of fun to the festive period. I might think about doing something similar with wine bottles or corks to add some festive fun to the wine world

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