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A-Z of Breastfeeding


Antibodies: Breastmilk passes antibodies from you to your baby, supporting their developing immune system and protecting them from infection.

Areola: The ring of pigmented skin around your nipple. If you have a good latch, baby’s mouth will cover a large portion of this, although not necessarily all (areolas and mouths vary in size). When positioning for a feed, baby’s mouth should be wide enough that his gums avoid the nipple, which should be centred in his mouth above his tongue. It takes some practise to get this right with a small baby – if you are experiencing pain while feeding, try repositioning slightly, even if the latch looks good.

Availability: Breastmilk is always available wherever you are or whatever you’re doing. It is made to order – sterile, at the right temperature, with the recipe adjusted to the age of your child, weather and time of day.

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