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A-Z of Breastfeeding


Daddy – supportive Dads make a breastfeeding relationship work or work better.

Demand – Feeding “on demand” means responding flexibly to your baby’s requests for food, rather than trying to enforce a timetable of regular feeding. I believe that demand feeding is absolutely key to successful initiation of breastfeeding. This is a great article on why it is so important. If you are a very structured person, the uncertainty of breastfeeding on demand can feel very uncomfortable at times. Building in a routine around the feeding process so that only the timing is uncertain can help you to regain a feeling of control without making breastfeeding itself harder than it has to be.

Designer milk – Breastmilk is available in the correct volume, at the correct temperature, perfectly designed for your baby’s age, growth stage, the time of day, the weather and with all the antibodies your baby needs… wherever and whenever they need it.

Dispelling Breastfeeding Myths – one of my favourite breastfeeding blogs.

Distractions – As your baby gets older, there are a million and one things that will distract them in the middle of feeds. It is a developmental stage that is amusing, frustrating, occasionally embarrassing (when they pull off and look around while exposing you to all and sundry) and sometimes painful (when they forget to let go before looking around).

Donating Milk – Some women are unable to breastfeed, often due to stress or illness. If you have an oversupply of milk, consider donating to your local milk bank. You can find more information about donating from the United Kingdom Association for Milk Banking.

Dream Feeds – Offering a feed just before you go to bed. This seems counterintuitive if your baby is already asleep, but often you can feed without really waking the baby. If you are lucky, dream feeding can mean that you get a longer sleep at night before they wake again.

Dress – You don’t have to avoid dresses just because you are breastfeeding. There are specially designed nursing dresses available, but button down dresses and wrap dresses work equally well.

Drugs in Breastmilk Hotline – If you’re worried about taking prescription drugs while breastfeeding and need some advice, call the hotline on 0844 412 4665 or e-mail including age of baby, dose, frequency and name of medication or drug for help and information.

See the full A-Z of Breastfeeding so far, and feel free to add your own in the comments!


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