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A-Z of Breastfeeding

F is for...

F is for...F is for…

Fashion – you don’t have to give up on it just because you’ve had a baby

Facebook – social network some odd policies about breastfeeding mums posting photos and take it on themselves to remove them. I believe the current situation is that you’re OK if you don’t show nipple and no other “nudity” is involved(!) There’s a great write-up here.

Fast letdown (Also known as milk ejection reflex and associated with oversupply) – very fast flow of milk that can cause baby to pull off the breast or choke and gag as they struggle to keep up. It’s not always a problem, but Kellymom gives a good list of symptoms and solutions.

Fertilityexclusive breastfeeding is an effective birth control (about 98% effective) for the first 6 months of your baby’s life providing your periods haven’t yet returned, your baby ONLY gets breastmilk (no formula, no additional foods) and you feed completely on demand both day and night. For all the stats, you can read more here.

Flash Mob – the modern way to show your disapproval for companies and organisations who illegally harass or are unsupportive of breastfeeding mums. Here’s a story about a Bristol flash mob with a happy ending 🙂

Food of Love, Kate EvansFood of Love – Brilliant and very popular breastfeeding book by Kate Evans (Take or leave the parenting advice, as everyone’s different, but she explains breastfeeding clearly and gives advice based on latest scientific research).

Free – breastmilk costs nothing and you can take it anywhere.

Frequency – current advice is to feed your baby on cue rather than try to follow a structured timetable as each baby is different. Breastfeeding frequency will vary with growth spurts, weather, health (yours and baby’s) and emotional changes, but as a guideline newborns usually feed 8-12 times a day. Some will need more, some less. If you feed on demand, you will always get it right.

Fussing at the breast – a very common concern for breastfeeding mums. Kellymom gives a far better overview of possible reasons than I can… so over to Kellymom! For us, the problem was nearly always wind, and when I got the hang of burping her properly (or learned to be OK with Mr MilkChic, my stepson, my mum, my dad and random neighbours being better at it than me) we were lucky to not have any more issues.

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