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Baby’s First Outing


This is a post for the Tots 100 Bloghop. The theme this month is “Baby’s First Day Out”:

The small one’s first outing was to Babies R Us when she was 2 weeks old. I forget what we needed. It was possibly muslins or vests – some kind of essential we didn’t realise we’d need so many of.

I had barely left the house since the birth – I was still suffering from SPD and recovering from an emergency c-section so going anywhere at all was a real treat. I could barely walk, but still I insisted on carrying my beautiful girl, wrapped up in the blanket my mum had lovingly crocheted, all the way around the store.

I’m sure there was preparation – packing & repacking, clothes, nappies, car seats and all, but all I can remember is shuffling slowly and painfully, supported on Mr MilkChic’s arm, grinning from ear to ear and stopping to chat to everyone and anyone who looked our way. She felt so fragile and amazing, and I was so proud and shocked that she was mine.

Not the most exciting first outing, and this post is unlikely to win me £100 in vouchers from this month’s sponsor either…but writing it has made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!


5 thoughts on “Baby’s First Outing

  1. You never forget that first trip, when you get to show your baby off. Thanks for drawing my attention to this – I’m off to write mine x

    1. Let me know when it’s posted. It’s such a vivid memory for me.

  2. Made me think of my first trip with JJ. I came straight out of hospital after a section on day 5 and went for a McDonalds with dh and then we went into Mothercare to dummies and a new outfit for JJ! lol Mich x

  3. I know. I hope I’ll feel more relaxed about it all if there’s a next time… There is so much that needs to be done to make “breastfeeding support” more supportive 🙁

  4. Awww the first outing. Mine was to the pub, and I sat there the whole time bricking myself incase my baby were to start screaming the place down. Now when I look back at all the things I worried about as a new mum I roll my eyes. Thanks for your comment on my blog about my breastfeeding story. I’d like to say it was an atypical story but sadly my experiences are replucated by new mums every day.

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