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Keeping it real


On 1st December, I posted a supremely unsuccessful advent linky.

I was going to delete it today, the first blog post I’ve ever thought of removing. And it’s not because it didn’t work. It’s not because, despite posting it on various bloggy forums, no-one else joined in. It’s because on Monday I attended a great little session for fashion bloggers in London (more about that later) and the thing that really stood out was how important it is to hold onto who you are. Your identity is your brand.

This blog was started as a “marketing arm” for MilkChic – the opportunity to actually talk to my visitors about things outside of MilkChic’s narrow remit. It’s become something I love, but it’s still part of MilkChic. So I post about breastfeeding, I post about parenting, I post all sorts of random tut. But I try to keep it relevant to mums with young families.

My little venture into memes wasn’t a bad idea, but it wasn’t true to me and my blog. If it wasn’t for one lovely lady who joined in yesterday, it would be gone now.

MilkChic is about fashion, family and breastfeeding. It’s about holding on to your identity and the best bits of your pre-baby self even when a small person has turned your world upside down, a groomed look means brushed hair and only a few (homemade) puree stains, and your body isn’t the same shape or texture that you remember.

I’m trying to make MilkChic more professional, and I need to raise its profile to keep it viable, but from now on I’m sticking to what I do best!


4 thoughts on “Keeping it real

  1. Hey it's a learning process this blogging lark.

  2. I was thinking of doing the same today! There are certainly topics that get more comments than others, and I get sticking to your brand but my blog is my little piece of the internet and there are certain times I just need to vent. In my case my advent went to pot coz I just couldnt commit to posting everyday! I <3 your blog, you are doing great!

  3. Good for you!

    I've been experimenting with Motivating Mum this year, trying to find out what it is and what it isn't.

    Sometimes you have to make unpalatable decisions (like turning down lovely reveiw freebies that you would love to have) becuase they just don't fit the brand.

    You are right to question yourself and move on as you see fit.

  4. I just loved the honesty of this post. It's a dilemma I'm often facing with the BorrowedSize blog too – my posts need to be about fashion, wellness, beauty and breastfeeding but I regularly want to write about areas of parenting that I'm passionate about and get on my personal 'soapbox'. I only came across your blog through a 'breastfeeding fashion' Google alert and have already trawled through the majority of your archives. Your writing is fresh, honest and personal and you have an amazing blog! You're doing awesomely 😀

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