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Book Review & Giveaway: First-time Mum


For World Breastfeeding Week 2012, I’m hosting a series of giveaways to celebrate. Today, I have 3 copies of Hollie Smith’s latest book, First Time Mum: Surviving and enjoying your baby’s first year to give away.

The book covers the first year of baby’s life, and starts with some great equipment shopping lists which are broken down into essentials, sometimes useful, and completely unnecessary items. I was sold on her criteria when I saw scratch mitts listed in the pointless section – I was given so many and they fell off within seconds!
(Word to the wise: If your child really needs them, and mine didn’t, socks are far more effective)

There are some great practical tips – a lot of those things you spend the first few weeks struggling with are covered here:

Dressing is a skill that can take a bit of practice. The key aim here is to put the garment on your baby, rather than your baby into the garment…

So simple when you know how! It also covers some of the bigger but less talked-about issues for new mums – the mum & baby groups, isolation and adjustment to the new role, baby blues and postnatal depression, and even a potential return to work. These are a bit hidden at the back of the book, but well written and useful.

There are a couple of mentions of Gina Ford schedules (vs demand feeding) and Cry It Out type sleep training, which made me cringe a bit, but I guess if I want to read a balanced, largely unbiased guide to the first year, then I can expect them to be mentioned. To be clear, they were mentioned, explained, but not recommended, and she did make it clear that most health professionals believe demand feeding is important for continued breastfeeding. Having read the recent research on CIO and the effect it has on brain development, it was interesting to know that although she used these sleep training methods with her own children, she would perhaps choose a gentler approach now.

And what of breastfeeding and feeding advice? It’s pretty balanced really. The advice is practical and direct, and I like her honest approach:

…while some women sail through the start of breastfeeding, for many, it’s no picnic. And it’s better to go into it with realistic expectations and then find it’s easier or more enjoyable than you thought, than imagine it will be some kind of rose-tinted rush, only to experience the absolute opposite.

The author has personal experience of feeding both ways and assumes that most mums will try to breastfeed and that some will then move to formula, which is statistically accurate for the UK. It was good to see instructions for making up a bottle safely too – I still don’t know how, and assume other parents are similarly clueless, plenty of whom actually need that information to look after their child.

All in all, a good read and one I would probably have appreciated before small one was born.

Win a copy of First Time Mum:
If you’d like to win a copy to read yourself, tell me what you would like / would have liked to know before your baby was born. For a bonus entry, either share the giveaway on Facebook, or tweet the following:

I’ve entered to win a copy of First Time Mum by Hollie Smith @MilkChic #parenting #pregnancy #baby

Don’t forget to enter the other World Breastfeeding Week 2012 Giveaways too.

First Time Mum by Hollie Smith is available on Amazon for £8.35 (paperback) or £6.00 (Kindle edition). I received a free copy of the book for the purpose of this review.

Giveaway Terms & Conditions: Restricted to UK & Ireland. Closing date: 18th August 2012, 23:59. Winners will be picked at random from entrants. No cash alternative. If the winner cannot be contacted after 7 days, an alternative may be drawn.


54 thoughts on “Book Review & Giveaway: First-time Mum

  1. RT @milkchic: Last chance to win a copy of First Time Mum by Hollie Smith #parenting #pregnancy #baby

  2. I’ve entered to win a copy of First Time Mum by Hollie Smith @MilkChic #parenting #pregnancy #baby

  3. I would have liked more information on breastfeeding, I didn’t know where to go to look for it!

  4. I would like to have known to ask for pain relief in my birth plan!

  5. I’ve entered to win a copy of First Time Mum by Hollie Smith @MilkChic #parenting #pregnancy #baby

  6. I wish I hadn’t felt obliged to buy every baby product out there, we’ve just had to move him out of the moses basket and he’s only 2 weeks old. The house is over run with baby stuff that I don’t think we’ll ever use.

  7. Win a copy of First Time Mum by Hollie Smith @MilkChic #parenting #pregnancy #postnatal

  8. I would like to know how to make sure there is an even balance between me and my partner so I don’t feel like I’m depriving him of the chance to be a Daddy so early on and also so I can try to keep a little bit of me.

    1. @Danielle Graves, It’s hard, especially if he doesn’t get long on paternity leave, as you tend to see the signs earlier and jump in, but the first few weeks are so full on, every ounce of both of you will definitely feel like parents. We used to take shifts when he got home from work, so after a 8/9pm ish feed I’d get a couple of hours rest while he was in charge, and then I’d take over for night feeds. My other half was always way better at winding and baths than me too. You’ll find what works for you x

  9. I’ve entered to win a copy of First Time Mum by Hollie Smith @MilkChic #parenting #pregnancy #baby

  10. tweeted @lillyfer85

  11. i wish i had been more prepared for breast feeding my baby, i never imagined it would be painful, if i had known in advance i would have had the creams and shields and everything at the ready still i got through it

    1. @Sam R, I really didn’t know what to expect despite a really good NCT session. In a way I was lucky that I ended up with a c-section as they got me sorted in hospital with creams etc.

  12. I would loved to have known what my baby would look like.

  13. how to cope with feeling down when you havent had much sleep!

  14. I wish I’d known more about establishing a feeding routine.

  15. i would have liked to have known how to swaddle my baby properly to comfort and relax him.

  16. I wish I’d known that its ok to let them cry

  17. That everyone struggles people just dont like to talk about it

    1. @kayleigh bates, So true!!

  18. I wish I knew how important it is to burp babies!

  19. tweeted @beckydowney

  20. I’ve entered to win a copy of First Time Mum by Hollie Smith @MilkChic #parenting #pregnancy #baby

  21. I’ve entered to win a copy of First Time Mum by Hollie Smith @MilkChic #parenting #pregnancy #baby

  22. I wish I’d known that its Ok to let them cry don’t need to panic every time they do it!!

  23. I would have like to be told before hand that its okay to feel like your not coping and it isn’t as perfect and straight forward as others make out. And that it does get better and before you know it you know exactly what your baby wants and needs.

    1. @Kayleigh, Yes. I think you tend to only see the good bits until you have kids of your own and people put on a brave face. And then when you have your own and tell you the truth, you think they’re just trying to make you feel better!

  24. I wish someone had told me that “colic” might actually be head trauma after a difficult birth and I wish I’d know about cranial osteopathy

    1. @Joanna Smith, A lot of people swear by cranial osteopathy. Would have liked to have tried it.

  25. I’d like to know when my bump will appear? 18 weeks and still no sign!

    1. @Lynne Donnelly, Lol. Mine was obvious at 6 weeks! Not sure which is worse! It’ll be unmissable before you know it.

  26. Have tweeted @angiesandhu

  27. I wish i had known more about what the body should and shouldnt be doing during pregnancy. I was a little clueless about what was normal and what wasnt-despite my searches on the internet!

  28. I have tweeted the competition as @chrissy4116 and here is my tweet link:

  29. I’ve entered to win a copy of First Time Mum by Hollie Smith @MilkChic #parenting #pregnancy #baby

  30. I would have liked to have known more about reflux and how to get help with it as my little one really suffered as did I for the first 6 months. I feel like I missed that bonding time with my little one due to the stress of sickness and an unsettled little one.

  31. i would like to have known you dont really need everything people tell you you will need x

  32. I’ve entered to win a copy of First Time Mum by Hollie Smith @MilkChic #parenting #pregnancy #baby

  33. I definitely would have liked to have known a bit about positioning your baby for breastfeeding. It would have saved a lot of heartache

  34. Tweeted – @clairew137

  35. I’ve entered to win a copy of First Time Mum by Hollie Smith @MilkChic #parenting #pregnancy #baby

  36. I would’ve liked to have known what was normal and what wasn’t in regards to feeding and sleeping.

    1. @claire woods, I agree – there’s such a wide range of normal.

  37. have tweeted

  38. Book Review & Giveaway: First-time Mum – (via @sociablesite) /

  39. I would like to have known a little more about sleep deprivation.

    1. I don’t think I’d have believed anyone who told me the truth 🙂

  40. I’ve entered to win a copy of First Time Mum by Hollie Smith @MilkChic #parenting #pregnancy #baby

  41. I wish I had known more about different slings, and that I had got around to buying a comfy wrap sling for my unputdownable baby.

    1. I know the feeling. I didn’t get a decent sling til small one was nearly 6 months, and despite my bad back, it was life changing!

  42. Book Giveaway: First-time Mum by Hollie Smith • MilkChic Breastfeeding Fashion…

    Win a copy of First Time Mum book by Hollie Smith. 3 copies to win. Entry by blog comment. Bonus entry by Facebook share / Twitter. Uk & Ireland only….

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