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Breastfeeding semantics

MilkChic was born of pure frustration at the lack of clothing choice for breastfeeding mums. Although very pro-breastfeeding at a personal level, I had been blissfully unaware of the wider breastfeeding debate.
Since the website launched, I have become far more aware of the language used to describe breastfeeding and the emotion it can provoke, I have found I have had to decide what my stance is and why.
For instance, I described the breastfeeding techniques I use as “discreet, but I have learned that this can be an extremely emotive term – it is seen to imply that breastfeeding should be hidden away in order to be acceptable. While I stand by “discreet” as an accurate description, this is not a view I would want to be associated with.
Equally, I don’t agree with the breastfeeding activists who believe that by choosing to cover up, you are somehow colluding with those who believe breastfeeding should be only done in private. Surely, the key word is choice? If the aim is to support more women to breastfeed, a woman breastfeeding, however they choose to do it, is a success story.
Of all the descriptions I’ve heard, the one I like best is “breastfeeding with confidence“, as it covers both the physical and emotional aspects of breastfeeding. It doesn’t matter whether you feed with a cover, discreetly under clothes, with no cover at all or anything in between, having the confidence to feed whenever and wherever your baby needs is the holy grail.
For most women, to breastfeed long term they need to be able to feed in front of others, which means choosing clothing which not only works, but gives them confidence and makes them feel good about themselves. Searching for clothing that you can feed in easily is incredibly depressing. I ended up buying nursing clothes that I didn’t even like because they were practical, which did nothing for my self-esteem.
The intention of MilkChic is simple – to give nursing mothers access to clothing choices that help them to breastfeed confidently without losing their own personal style. It’s a simple step towards breastfeeding with confidence.
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