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Easter Egg Hunt Competition with George at Asda

As far as I am concerned, all girls clothes (even posh ones) should be suitable for climbing trees and painting in, so when George at Asda challenged me to find an Easter Sunday outfit for small one for under £20, I was determined to find a perfect combination of pretty and practical.A gorgeous floaty print dress over cropped jeans was far too cute to leave behind. I love layered looks for girls and this dresses up or down with a t-shirt under or a cardi over. It’s been just perfect this week in the spring sunshine.
The shopping bit was easy, but small one is an active child, so getting decent photos was a bit more of a challenge… if you’d like to win a £20 George at Asda gift card, look out for brightly coloured Easter eggs in the photos below (Hint: I gave up trying to actually include them in the shots so there is only one genuinely in the picture. Any others are photoshopped in so should be fairly obvious…)


Stay still…?

We tested the outfit thoroughly doing lots of things we like to do on Bank Holiday weekends together…

Feeding the ducks…
Playing in the park…
Cuddling small animals…
And, um, driving tractors…

Small one definitely voted this a winning look…

There are 5x £20 George gift cards up for grabs in the Easter Egg hunt. To win, count up the plastic eggs hidden in my photos, go hunting for the 15 other participating blogs and then come back to enter your answer in the form below. Or just guess!

Please leave me a comment and let me know when you’ve entered!

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Disclosure: I did not get paid to write this post, but Asda very kindly gave me small one’s outfit for helping to host their Easter Egg hunt.


6 thoughts on “Easter Egg Hunt Competition with George at Asda

  1. Lovely photos!
    have entered the easter egg hunt

  2. It is hot for double layering… Am on it! Best bets in this weather are lift up style loose tops (if baby will countenance being covered at all, which mine didn't) or anything with loose sleeves. Batwing sleeves are perfect but less about so far this summer.

  3. Sorry OT but I need your advice…

    The weather is boiling hot now and I'm not sure what clothes I can wear that are breastfeeding friendly. Up until now I've been wearing a vest top with another top over it. When I've needed to feed I've simply lifted the top layer. But the weather is too hot for layers now.

    I would wear a dress but that would involve buttoning down which would reveal the entire boob.


  4. I love her bunches too! Can't wait till my little girl's hair is long enough to put in bunches.

  5. aww what a little sweetie she is I ove the photo of her legs coming down the slide 🙂

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