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Shop Smart: Maternity clothes for breastfeeding


Make your maternity wardrobe work harder by choosing clothes that will work for breastfeeding after baby is born. Look out for…

Midnight Knot Front Maxi Dress (Crave Maternity)1. Boob access – look for either maternitywear specifically designed for nursing or with easy boob access (you only need to be able access one at a time usually, even with twins!). Wrap styles, crossover and button fronts are easy.

2. Stretch fabric – to pull back into shape as you do, and make breastfeeding access even easier.

3. Tummy flattering styles – Even if they offer breastfeeding access, some styles just don’t work for new mums. Bodycon styles make a baby bump look gorgeous, but just leave you feeling self-conscious after the birth – if you want to get more value from your maternity wardrobe, mix bumptastic styles with more forgiving shapes. Something that skims your belly will give you confidence postnatally.


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