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MilkChic Needs You!!! Please Vote!

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I’ve done something very scary… I’ve applied for some extra funding for MilkChic. I’m asking for £500 to make the MilkChic website function better, both for busy mummies who need fashionable nursing clothes but only have a newborn’s naptime to find them… and for me, so I can actually keep MilkChic as a going concern.

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Much as I’ve learned a lot about how websites work, and my coding has come along a treat… it’s time to get some expert help. My time must be better spent doing the things I’m good at – sourcing great fashion and supporting breastfeeding mums, than sweating over websites and going cross-eyed over data feeds for mediocre results.

But I need your help. I need to get 500 votes for my funding pitch at Enterprise Nation to win the funds I need to make MilkChic a better and more sustainable resource:

  • A more functional website that loads quicker
  • More listings from a wider range of retailers
  • Better filters and search facilities
  • Better content, more often and regular updates
  • More time for your personal shopping requests
  • More great offers and sale buys

Please take the time to vote and I promise to make the site better for all of us.

PS. If you run a small business, and need help to grow, or if you’ve got a great idea for a start-up but need some extra support why not take the plunge and apply too? Nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that…!


4 thoughts on “MilkChic Needs You!!! Please Vote!

  1. Thank you. I spent far too much time making it 😉

  2. Lovely site, and great range – voted for you!

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