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Halloween Spooky Scribes with George at Asda


George at Asda invited us to take part in their “Spooky Scribes” Short Story Challenge. Small one is only three, but she was so excited by the idea of having to do some “homework” and being paid in Halloween costumes and facepaints, that we thought we’d give it a go. As it turns out she weaves a good, if slightly surreal yarn…

Judeenunna the Scary Fairy

This is Judeenunna. She lives in the forest on her own. Judeenunna likes to eat Weetabix and vicworia, which is made with chuckanuckabuch. She doesn’t have any friends but she does have two cousins. She is a scary fairy and she huffs and puffs and huffs and puffs for Glasgow. We have to scream and run away from her.

At night Judeenunna will be in the garden. She is scratching and punching and eating insects and the snails will be eaten so they don’t bite us. When the naughty animals scratch and punch, she kicks the animals until they go away because they have to be eaten and they can’t eat the vegetables. They have to run away from her.

Judeenunna is lonely because everyone runs away but she is really a good nunna, because she looks after the garden. We can invite her to Christmas and to Halloween and my birthday and she can be our friend.

By Jenny, age 3

The story with the most comments wins a prize so please do leave a comment below if you liked “Judeenunna the Scary Fairy”. I don’t think small will win, but it will make her day to know that big people have read her story on their computers.

Small chose a Light Up Witch Halloween Costume from the girls costume range and a lime green Long Sleeved Monster Top from the boys range for Judeenunna to wear (warm layers and sleeves are a must for all self-respecting scary fairies). She accessorised with purple wellies, purple gloves and stripy tights – just perfect for running around in the rain eating snails and insects!

Obviously small one isn’t quite old enough to write her story down yet so I had to act as scribe, but this is all her own work. Her big sister, the curly one (12), was also inspired to join in, and drew Judeenunna’s cousin for us. I’ll upload a clip of small telling the story later!

Disclosure: Each child taking part in the Spooky Scribes Challenge received a Halloween costume, some pens, face paints and vouchers to help them write their scary Halloween story. The final stories will be turned into books for them to keep. It’s a great way to start storytelling with child of all ages and we’ve loved taking part!


32 thoughts on “Halloween Spooky Scribes with George at Asda

  1. i like this scary fairy. i would like another story about how she’s getting on in the garden…

    1. @James Sey, Thank you 🙂 Apparently she’s living under the shed with our hedgehog currently…

  2. Wow!!!!!!! You are an amazing writer for a 3 year old! Hope you win! you deserve it 🙂 x

  3. Well done jenny thats really good! i can’t even write stories that good now! 😀 x,

  4. Such a lovely – scary fairy 🙂 . You are really talented Honey!

  5. Cute story, I like judeenunna’s cousin!:)

  6. Funny story

  7. awsome!!!

  8. Her story shows she has great potential as a future writer!! I support you Jenny!!! 🙂 good luck!

  9. Bella!!! 3 years old…go jenny goooo!

  10. So adorable! Best of luck with it 😉

  11. Judeenunna, this is a great story! And i love weetabix too! Keep up the good work. We’ll all be buying your books very soon.

  12. Brilliant wee story. I like to eat Weetabix and vicworia, too! Well done Jenny!

    1. @, Jenny wants to know if you eat insects too? Judeenynna apparently likes hers roasted…

  13. Bellissima! Hopefully she keeps the imagination but develops a really obvious tell! 🙂

  14. wonderful little story, I think there should be a second instalment! 🙂

    1. @, Small one says to tell you that she is going to do another one. But not right now as it’s nearly bedtime and all the other people are asleep. She’ll write it when they wake up.

  15. Great work!! thumbs up for Judeenunna 😉

  16. I agree with Grèg. She’s a little talent, and she is the sister of one of the best people I’ve ever met in my life… go jenny goooo

    1. @, He’s alright, I suppose. If you like that sort of thing… 😉 Thanks for the comment!

  17. She deserves to win ! Only 3 years old… Great potential !!

  18. Great imagination, so adorable!

  19. Hello! Very good work! Good luck! x

  20. What a wonderfully creative little story! She deserves a LOT of facepaint for her efforts. Cute!

  21. Really beautiful! Good luck!

  22. Thumbs up!!!

  23. Very scary fairy indeed, tell small one that I know someone who has got stuck with their own scary story and needs all the help that they can get (that is if small one is available for creative writing classes, of course).

  24. @Beth McCausland, Huffing and puffing for Glasgow does sound scary 🙂

  25. Fabulously imaginative story small one, I’m very pleased that she got invited to Christmas, Halloween & birthdays too! x

    1. @, I’m sure she’ll be a much scarier fairy soon 😉

  26. What fantastic imagination from one so young! Little people really are the best storytellers. Genuinely loved this story. Please tell Small that this big person read her story on her computer and thought it was really, really good.

    1. @Sarah Say, Thank you! Was great fun to do with her. I’m slightly worried by the kicking small animals… but I suppose she is a scary fairy 😉

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