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Hand puppets from rubber gloves: Kids craft inspired by Dettol

Making rubber glove puppets

We had a lovely day yesterday making hand puppets out of rubber gloves, all inspired by the Dettol competition at Mumsnet. You can win a professional puppet show in your own home just by making a puppet out of a rubber glove and sending them a picture.

The competition is to launch the new Dettol Power and Pure range for kitchen and bathroom, which I have been trying this week. I was keen to try the range as the products don’t leave a chemical residue – a win for me, as no wiping down means speedier cleaning, it’s kid safe, and ok to use around food preparation (usually the moment when I realise a surface is dirty :S). You don’t need to wear rubber gloves with Dettol Power & Pure products, so you can make lovely glove puppets out of them instead…. aaaah! See what they did there?

As small one had a friend to play, we split a pair of rubber gloves between them. The girls wanted to make rabbits so we got all inventive with my stash of craft “junk” – sticking the fingers together for ears, making egg box noses and pipe cleaner whiskers.

Making rubber glove puppets

Then the real fun started, as they went mad with fingerpaints, coloured sand and tissue paper.

I’d definitely recommend having a go at this. The girls concentrated for a full hour and a half, and are incredibly proud of their creations. We forgot teeth, but that means the naughty rabbits can’t nibble our fingers, doesn’t it?

rubber glove puppet rabbit rubber glove puppet rabbit

And the products? Having tried them, I’m quite impressed. The scents aren’t overpowering and don’t do that nasty thing to your throat that makes you want to shoo your children into a safer, chemical-free area. The spray genuinely doesn’t need wiping down and left none of the white marks I associate with “forgetting” that vital last cleaning step, and the wipes made quick work of the mess we made crafting. Small one wants to join in with everything I do, so it’s lovely to feel I can let her help with the cleaning without exposing her to nasty chemicals too.

I’d like to thank Dettol for inspiring a really fun afternoon. Small one wants to make a hedgehog next, and I have grand plans for a double-hand puppet bird, with fingers for wings!

If you want to enter the Mumsnet competition, there’s still time. E-mail a picture of a puppet made with a rubber glove to by the end of tomorrow. Please share your pictures and let me know how the puppet show goes if you win!

Disclosure: I was not paid to write this post but was given a free Dettol Power and Pure Spray and pack of Power and Pure wipes to test and review. MilkChic reviews are always honest and fair – I promise never to recommend a product I don’t believe in.


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  1. Lovely post from MilkChic on crafting with the kids inspired by #Dettol

  2. Some fun for a rainy day. You could win a puppet show from and Dettol too!

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