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I’m late, I’m late, I’m late….


fob watchI can’t believe it’s only a week until Christmas. The children will be disappointed to know that my vagueness about presents isn’t due to a wish to maintain the magic of Christmas, or even my spectacular talent for secrecy – it’s just because I haven’t bought them yet. Luckily it’s not too late for online orders.

Of course I knew this was going to happen. I didn’t manage to complete my Christmas planning by the end of November, and since then everything’s gone even crazier than predicted.

So what’s new?

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  • New hair and new skills – I was lucky to be offered a free haircut at Kaizo in Shoreditch through Peerindex and took the opportunity to have a day of treasured alone time while small was at nursery – I spent the morning learning to screen print with the lovely girls from Studio Harlen and Achica, wandered the shops, had a quiet lunch, and came back refreshed and sporting rather classier hair than I have for a while. All credit to the stylist, as I not only loved my new look from the first snip, but so far have failed to ruin it despite my best styling efforts. And of course new hair is what you need when you start a…
  • New job! I went back to full time work at the beginning of December, which is a bittersweet thing. The role could have been written for me – it’s only a half hour commute, it’s challenging and varied, the people are forward looking and I’m excited about the future. It’s great to feel I’m finally moving forward and getting back to normality despite my back problems. But of course, it’s also the first time I’ve properly been away from small one, which has its sadnesses. Having said that, my mum has stepped in to make the transition so much easier, I’m there for breakfast and there for dinner and bed, and it does feel right.

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old hair
Before… Tatty old hair

new hair
After: The photo doesn’t flatter, but the hair does 🙂

As sod’s law dictates, having accepted a new job, everything then conspired against me. Well, actually lots of things went very well and lots of things went very badly all at once, snowballing into the sort of December that leaves you lying awake at night in list-making panic.

I had everything planned so MilkChic could continue to run smoothly – posts and content waiting in the wings, a trusted friend willing to provide admin support. It was all looking quite manageable until…

  • Day 1 in the job – MilkChic gets hacked and I have to take the website down.
  • Day 2 in the job – After over a year of waiting for an appointment with my consultant, it finally comes through. My GP manages to get me referred to his private practice via the NHS, where waiting times seem almost non-existent. As a result I actually have to delay an MRI scan so I can book holiday. He seems hopeful that he might find something this time, and I’m just excited that something is happening. It would be wonderful to be able to run by this time next year.
  • End of the first week – small one visits the theatre for the very first time to see “Sleeping Beauty Dream On”, thanks to the hospitality of the Chickenshed Theatre and their corporate sponsor, Stubhub. Small isn’t really herself, enjoying the train and bus journeys but refusing to talk to anyone. We assume bad meal timing is the culprit and she perks up during the performance. Sadly, by the time we arrive home she has a raging temperature and on Monday she is diagnosed with bacterial tonsillitis. Mr MilkChic takes time off work so I don’t have to, and my very own supermum swoops in to save the day
  • Week 2 – Small one takes a strong (and completely understandable) dislike to banana medicine, leading her desperate parents and grandparents to the edge of reason every 4 hours. I spend a week trying to absorb important information on an average 2hrs sleep a night. I also manage to get MilkChic back online, albeit in a slightly tattered state. The Lumpy one arrives back from university, and Curly officially becomes a teenager.
  • Week 3 – with small on the mend, and having retained a small amount of last week’s information, I now consider myself bulletproof and attempt Yorkshire and back in a day. This proves foolish and I am writing this on the sixth train of the day with one more train and two more hours before home.

The challenge for this week is to get MilkChic back up to date with plenty of news and breastfeeding friendly outfits for the New Year. Oh, and did I mention that MilkChic and Armed & Glamorous have got to the regional finals of the Local Business Accelerators? So just a Dragon’s Den style presentation to get sorted over Christmas. No big deal…!

Still, it’s good to be busy. Are you all ready for Christmas yet?

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