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Magpie Monday: Cheap & Cheerful Charity Shopping

I had a lovely day last week. The small one and I went on a bit of an adventure around town, which doesn’t happen nearly as often as I would like, and shared a really special moment.
That’s right. Together, we found a charity shop that we had never seen before!
Joking aside, I thought I knew all the charity shops here. They were the first places I scoped out when I moved here, thirty weeks pregnant. Charity shops have a been a lifeline over the last few years as we parent on a tighter and tighter budget and to find a new one was really very exciting. It was more exciting as it was a “proper” charity shop. It was a big shop with lots of different things piled high, and prices that stretched as high as, oooh, £2.50.
Having managed to leave the house without my purse, and limited to the money at the bottom of the baby bag (I knew my habit of dropping change into the pocket rather than back in my purse would come in handy sometime), I had to be quite restrained, but managed to pick up a large tub of magnetic letters and 2 little t-shirts for the small one for just £2.

It should have been £2.25, but, being a “proper” charity shop, the lovely ladies were so taken with my gorgeous daughter, who insisted on paying for her shopping with the money from her own purse, that they gave us a discount. Happy days!
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6 thoughts on “Magpie Monday: Cheap & Cheerful Charity Shopping

  1. Oooo, scrummy; I love a good browse around a charity shop – especially a NEW one ! Hope you are recovering from your back op x

  2. Don'cha just love discovering a new charity shop, especially if it's one that gives discounts for cuties. Great finds. 🙂

  3. Lovely, your daughter will look gorgeous in those tops x

  4. Great finds – always love magnetic letters, was a bit sad when my son got too old for them and didn't have an excuse to keep them on the fridge any more!

  5. Yay! I'm not the only one who pimps their child out to get discounts LOL!

    There's lots of fun to be had with them there letters.

    Thanks for linking up xx

  6. Lovely tops, and who doesn't love magnetic letters – a total steal at £2!

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