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Magpie Monday: Hidden Treasure


There are lots of reasons that I shop in charity shops and much as I love them, necessity has always been a big part of it. I can’t always afford to buy clothes on the high street for myself or the small one and I find that often I can get much more for my money second-hand, with better quality clothing at budget prices.

My new favourite is a “proper charity shop”, where there are no colour co-ordinated and styled window displays, the staff are largely over 70, and the prices are rarely over £5. They raise fund for cancer treatment at a local hospital and the shop is a veritable treasure trove.

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This week I bought something that reminded me of all the other reasons I love charity shopping.

I picked up a pair of bargainous Gap children’s jeans. They are really cute – lined with comfy pink fleece perfect for Winter, beautifully styled with cute pockets, look like new and they were only 50p.

Already feeling pretty good about my day (I may have bought a few extra bits and pieces at the same time…), I checked the pockets before I put them in the wash. And found this:

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It is a little shaped wooden puzzle piece of a shirt and tie. Cute, but no big deal… Except that we recognised it instantly. We already have the rest of the set, something my mum picked up in another charity shop about 6 months ago!

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It’s wonderful coincidences and hidden treasure like this that means that random finds at charity shops and car boot sales will always have the edge on normal shopping for me.

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12 thoughts on “Magpie Monday: Hidden Treasure

  1. Ha! That is a great find, with an even more special find thrown in!

  2. That's so strange but amazing!

  3. That is an amazing story – put a smile on my face. I do believe there are thrifting angels watching over us.

    How fabulous to find the flannel lined jeans for 50p. In our winters those would be the best and are always comfy too.

  4. Amazing story!
    Just love it and may pinch it for my bestseller to be

  5. Now THAT is an impressive coincidence. Great jeans, too! x

  6. I love all kinds of charity shops, whether modernised or old-fashioned so long as they have nice stuff in them.
    Sounds like you've found a particularly good shop – those jeans are lovely and it's great that the jigsaw piece has a good home as well (I hate to think of it lost on its own!)

  7. cute~ I love your finds!


  8. What an amazing coincidence!

  9. How lovely- much nicer to have 'clueless' old ladies running the shop rather than retail experts overpricing everything then scrapping it when it won't sell. What a coincidence with the puzzle piece!

  10. I totally agree about the "modernisation" of charity shops, I much prefer the dusty old root around kind.

    How fab that you found a puzzle piece in the pocket. It was meant to be : ) xx

  11. Wow! What are the chances of that?!

    Agree with you about the joy of a 'proper' charity shop, can't beat a good rummage about on the floor in my opinion!

    Great jeans too. Thanks for linking up x

  12. So many charity shops have gone posh (I blame Mary Portas!) so it's great when you find a proper one. Love that you found your missing puzzle piece 🙂

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