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Out of the mouths of babes…

Toddlers spend endless hours classifying things. For a while, everything on wheels is a car, then suddenly their world opens up as they discover tractors, lorries, scooters, bikes…
One of the most difficult ones for them to figure out appears to be people. It’s not surprising really but we have been getting lots of amusement from the small one’s attempts at categorisation.
Today was a classic. Having seen her 18 year old brother’s friends this morning, I was asking her whether they were men, ladies, boys or girls. She was doing pretty well – Tom – boy, Jake – boy… and then we came to the difficult question of her beloved brother. “Bub… hmmm….” and, after much consideration, the eyes lit up… “Bub. MORE BISCUIT MAN.”
So now we know.
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