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Perfect Breastfeeding Dresses!


If you look carefully, you can find great breastfeeding dresses in the most unexpected places. Take these, for instance…

Plum Ditsy Print Shorter Jersey Dress Mink Poppy Floral Shorter Jersey Dress
Navy Butterfly Print Shorter Jersey Dress Black Fan Print Shorter Jersey Dress

These £30 dresses at BHS are absolutely perfect for breastfeeding. They design of the fixed wrap means that you don’t even need to layer them over a vest if you want to stay covered – look at this…

Dressed normally:
Fixed wrap in place
Feeding from right side:
Lift bottom part of wrap to give feeding access.
Feeding from left side:
Lift right-hand wrap and pull down left-hand side to make a breastfeeding opening.

Apologies for the dodgy changing room photos – the dress I tried was a little tight on my thunder thighs, but I just had to share!


3 thoughts on “Perfect Breastfeeding Dresses!

  1. I really like these and wrap dresses never go out of style. will check my local see if they have it

  2. Ideal for attractive summer time nights without doubt

  3. Wow, great post and some lovely dresses. I wish I had found this post a year ago when I was still breastfeeding!

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