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We started potty training in earnest a couple of months ago and I’ve been amazed at how much you can spend on a potty. They come in a mind boggling array of styles and I’ve never really understood what they all offered over and above our basic Poundland potty.

So when I was offered a multi-award winning Pourty potty to trial, I jumped at the chance. This is what we thought…

First Impressions:
It came in purple!!! Not just pink and blue… PURPLE!!! I realise this is a small consideration in the scheme of things, but….

The potty itself looked, albeit with much more attractive curves, very similar in shape and style to our cheap traditional potty. I might not have looked at it twice in the shops without something to compare it to, but up close it was clearly a lot sturdier. Small one took an instant liking to it and insisted on sitting on it straight away.

Design – Spot the Difference:
Potty comparison
Comparison with a basic potty

The Pourty is larger than the traditional potty and the seat is higher off the ground, which is great for small one, who has long legs. The back of the potty is also higher, giving more back support, and the sides are wider. They seem small differences, but it’s definitely a more comfortable place to sit.

Generally, the build quality, as you would expect, is a lot better. For a 2.5 stone toddler, that’s a nice to have… However when you’ve been relegated to sitting on the potty as many times as I have while said toddler sits on the “big girl toilet”, you begin to appreciate a potty designer who understands the plight of an (ahem…) 9.5ish stone mummy and caters for a slightly larger load.

The 2 big differences that set this design apart are the high front which helps avoid spillage while in use, and the fact that it is designed to be easily emptied, with a pouring duct at the back of the potty and a handle at the front.

The Pourty in use:
Comfortable seating for even
long-legged toddlers!

I’ve been waiting ages to write this review as, while small one is happy to sit on the potty or toilet when she doesn’t need to go, actually getting her to do something is a whole different matter. We are getting a few successes now, and I’ve finally had the chance to trial the easy-pour features – which do what they say on the tin really! It’s easy to clean by just swishing water through, and the handle is really well placed so you can carry a full potty one-handed without unbalancing it. Which leaves your other hand free to catch the toddler who is trying to run at top speed away from you before you have a chance to wipe them.

As an added bonus, the higher seating position means small one can reach a little table to draw or do jigsaws if I am struggling to keep her on the potty, and the more comfortable seat means I don’t get pins and needles when she decides to be a big girl on the toilet.

It’s such a great, simple design that you have to wonder why someone didn’t think of it sooner. The features and clever shape are well worth paying for, unlike some of the more “decorative” potties at twice the price.

The Final Verdict:
If you’re buying a potty and price really is your most important consideration, by all means stick with the basic potty, but buy really basic (I recommend Poundland) as there really is no difference between the £1 version and the £5 version.

If you have just a little more cash to spare and want to make potty training more comfortable for your child, and the associated cleaning up easier on yourself, ignore the frilly princess potty and the singing potty and try one of these instead. I don’t think you’ll regret it.
The Pourty potty retails at around £9.99 and is currently available in white, blue, pink and purple.

Disclosure: I did not get paid for this post but I did receive a product sample to test and keep. I follow the Britmums Blogging with Integrity Guidelines – I always write honest and truthful reviews and disclose any perks I receive!

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