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Return of the rain bonnet


MCCALL MAGAZINE COVER, GIRL IN RAINA while back, I wrote about alternatives to umbrellas. I haven’t seen so many hats in the shops yet this year, but apparently the humble rain bonnet is making a reappearance in fashion circles, largely thanks to Bubble Bettyâ„¢, whose kooky patterned rain bonnets have been flying off the shelves.

I love the idea of wearing a rain bonnet, but I’ve a feeling I may need to pair it with a seriously funky outfit to look gorgeous, not granny. I guess I’ll be giving this a miss for now.

If you’re up for this fashion challenge, check out the lovely prints at Bubble Betty:

Or try these Ebay alternatives:


Budget fashionistas can always find customisable rain bonnets by the tills at Wilkos… Would love to see you rocking this look – it might give me the confidence to go for it!


8 thoughts on “Return of the rain bonnet

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  2. […] have been trying very hard recently to persuade you all into a rain bonnet revival. It’s the perfect moment – Fifties styles are popular after the Diamond Jubilee, the […]

  3. RT @milkchic: @MostlyYummy Rain bonnet #thatisall #pleeeeeaaase

  4. Laughing. My. Socks. Off. (But also seriously tempted to see if I can pull it off….)

    1. @MostlyYummy, I am (almost) absolutely certain I can’t… but if someone else is up for it, I’ll still do it. Perhaps we can start a National Rain Bonnet day for charity?? Go on, go on, go on…..

  5. Practical, and yet wrong on so many levels! I suspect that, although I would love to sport one of these for the sake of my hair, I may need to wait until the image of my mother in one has faded 😉

    1. Lol. I just wish I was one of those people who could just decide something was stylish, and “make it so”. My grandma was like that… and she would have carried off a rain bonnet 🙁

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