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Royal Wedding in a Nutshell: A Toddler’s Eye View


If the BBC are looking for someone to commentate on a big event, they could do worse than hire my toddler, who gave a comprehensive and insightful commentary throughout the Royal Wedding on Friday. In case you missed it, here are the highlights:

Car! …Man hat! …Lady hat! …Man! …Horse! …2 Horse! …Car! …Bus, Bus, Bus! Wheels go round!….Lady hat! …Button! Lellow Lady! …Blanket! …Lady! …Lady Man sit down! …Babee! …Car! …Horse! … Bye Bye! …Hello! …Kiss-Cuuddle!

Almost as if you were there – no?


3 thoughts on “Royal Wedding in a Nutshell: A Toddler’s Eye View

  1. Fab can't beat kiddie talk!

  2. Ha ha! Do send my congratulations to Po and Valentino 🙂

  3. heh – very insightful!

    My 6 year old made me near enough wet myself as we were getting dressed for a Royal Wedding tea-party. "It's also a special day for Po and Valentino" (two of his teddies)he said. "They're having a civil ceremony" he intoned gravely. Good to know that cuddly toys have equal rights too!

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