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The Results are in… The “Shopping Gene”


Last week I was inspired by a piece of retail research into gender and shopping to try a social experiment.

I admit it wasn’t hugely scientific but, out of curiosity, I tweeted various “last chance to buy” kids clothing sale bargains and tracked which ones got the most clicks to see whether parents really are more interested in clothes for their daughters than their sons.

And my results were…. erm… pretty inconclusive really.

  • Girls and boys links were clicked equally.
  • Unisex lines were most popular

I even tried to see whether people were more interested in boys sun suits, bearing in mind that boys are supposed to be encouraged into more outdoor and active pursuits, but again, no real difference.

So I’m not sure it’s true at all. Maybe there isn’t enough variety to tempt parents to the boys clothes. Maybe boys have more crossover in their wardrobes, whereas girls are expected to have “best dresses” as well as “practical” outfits.

Incidentally, the line that got most interest was this shark print t-shirt – it’s a boys fashion line, but it’s not blue or sludge coloured…. and it’s suitable for girls, but it’s not pink… Basically, it’s a bit different – perhaps all we really want for both boys and girls is a little bit of variety?

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