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Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

7 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. It was the decoration at a wedding reception we went to on Saturday night. The stags were beautifully made, although slightly random.. They were on columns about head height… so obviously a great place to leave a pint! Couldn’t resist the photo.

  2. This is art but then you add the pint and it turns into modern art

  3. Wow that’s a bit of a different item of decoration. Really individual x

  4. I love this… you and I have a similar theme this week!! Emma 🙂

  5. This just really has me curious. Please explain the picture! 🙂 I immediately wondered: Is that usually there? Did someone make it? Is the deer emanating the light behind it or is it something else? What is in the glass beside it? Or is it even a glass. Is it a candle?

  6. ohh what an intresting photo 😀

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