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Silent Sunday, 10th July 2011

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Silent Sunday

14 thoughts on “Silent Sunday, 10th July 2011

  1. Did you see? : Silent Sunday #Memes #SilentSunday

  2. Lovely cheeky grin 🙂

  3. Such a sweet smile for the sour lemon x

  4. What a cheeky grin. Hope you got an after shot too if that’s a lemon?!

  5. What a gorgeous grin, and it is like she does not know that is going to be sharp tasting! Or she loves them. Great photo!

  6. My son loves lemons and limes and has done since a baby – he’s obviously not alone.

  7. Aw she is just gorgeous. I can’t believe she is smiling like that after eating that lemon! yikes! x

  8. awww how lovely! My Princess loves lemons too xx

  9. what a cutie! Love the smile!

  10. How cheeky a grin is THAT! Love iT!

  11. LOL! Was that her face after she had tasted it! Bless her! Such a gorgeous smile!

  12. What a gorgeous girl! She’s brave, is that a lemon?

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