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Silent Sunday, 21st August 2011

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Silent Sunday

11 thoughts on “Silent Sunday, 21st August 2011

  1. Obviously flat out!x

  2. And so to sleep! x

  3. How can they fall asleep on the floor? Cant be comfortable! Cute x

  4. Oh bless – did she just run out of steam?

  5. Gorgeous. Only kids can fall asleep like that, as if they just fell and were instantly asleep. x

  6. When you gotta nap – you gotta nap !

  7. Aww so cute! Bless xx

  8. A moment's peace in a chaotic day?

  9. Aww!

  10. Ah bless.

  11. hee hee – tough day????
    (just discovered you cos you commented on my silentsunday – wish I'd known about this blog several months ago! (or years even!) Am 7 months in to breastfeeding second child. damn.

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