I’ve just made a new discovery! I’m not the first to figure this one out, clearly, but I’m hoping I’m not the last either, so I thought I’d share.

Black Summer Dress £6

George at Asda

This is a great shape for breastfeeding.

I have a couple of shirred top dress/skirts in my wardrobe and I occasionally wear them with a cardi buttoned at the top or a bolero so I can pull the dress down and the cardi up. The only downside is that from time to time this can lead to wardrobe malfunction and I end up with the offending dress dangling loosely around my waist…

Styles with ties in the centre are just as comfortable and simple to wear, but much more secure, as you can pull down one side at a time to feed. If you don’t want to show your bra, it is possible to get strapless nursing bras but, as I have only recently gone down to a J cup, I can’t personally vouch for their supportiveness.

Here are a couple more – choose strong block colour for maximum effect!

Shirred Maxi Dress £12


O Beach Bandeau Dress £22

ASOS.com (also in black)

4 Thoughts on "Simple shapes for summer"

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    If you wear a cardi buttoned at the top or a a shrug over the top it’s very easy to keep covered up – the tie makes all the difference to feeling secure fo me. There is also a lovely playsuit in this style in Asda but I can’t find it online at the moment. I bought the wrong size and can’t take it back, so there will be one up on Ebay soon… will tweet it when I get it listed!

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    The Princess Poet

    ooo i was just thinking about this looking longingly at them but i thought it would show way too much boob…

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    Awesome recommendation! Time for some more shopping before Pickle arrives I think. Cheers, @Kanga_Rue

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