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The MilkChic Marketing Board

I’ve been asked to produce a flyer for inclusion in a local Breastfeeding Week goody bag. It’s a fantastic opportunity for me to get some free marketing for MilkChic, and I would really like to produce something that is genuinely helpful, rather than marketing hype.
I’m not a breastfeeding expert and I think there is plenty of information about the physical issues, but not nearly enough support with emotional and practical issues – like what clothes to wear, and how you feed in a public place.
This is my first draft, and I’d really appreciate your thoughts and comments. Please excuse the missing illustrations and random formatting…
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It’s a postcard sized flyer and I could print both sides, so if you have some great ideas of what might work on the other side, then please, please tell me! I need to go to print on Monday but will be producing a pdf version too, so any great feedback that misses the print deadline will still be used.

5 thoughts on “The MilkChic Marketing Board

  1. What about giving bumpbands a mention, especially as you have them on your site? I continued to wear my pregnancy bump bands while feeding, especially when a) I still had a lot of the post pregnancy tummy and b) I was using the lift up technique – it covered the tummy nicely when my nursing vest was in the wash (or I didn't want to wear a vest over my nursing bra).

    Xanthe's suggestion is always the easiest, especially when it's a nursing vest underneath.

    Also no mention of the trusty cardigan. There are lots out there with the long sides which can be wrapped around or simply one big enough to cover baby when you're feeding – I have a cape cardi and a poncho and both are simply fabulous to retain a bit of modesty when feeding.

    Great flyer though – I'd never heard of the sleeve feed technique before!

  2. Thanks Xanthe – the feedback is brilliant – I should include that. I tried the double vest technique myself having seen other people do it with panache. I was fine pulling the vest up but looked a right mess after trying to pull it back down again. Having said that, I am probably the most caghanded person I know! I found it easier with my homemade "holey" vest tops but it's pretty much the same idea. Definitely the simple things that work the best.

  3. Great flyer! I suggest mentioning the "double vest" technique – pulling top one up and bottom one down, leaving no mummy tummy on show and not too much breast either! For this a stretchy comfy vest underneath (from your store of course ;)!) is a must and you can wear anything on top that is easy to pull up one handed.. hope this is helpful.

  4. Thanks so much for commenting Katie. Discreet is a difficult word. For me, modest too. I feel comfortable doesn't really cover the feeling. Maybe it's about shyness? Definitely need to look at layout. Will also look at explaining nursing vest. Wish I could hyperlink on paper… But this is my version of a nursing vest

  5. Rather than the word "discreet," what about comfortable? To me, discreet implies that there is something to be embarassed about, or something to hide. By the way, I'm typically "modest" nurser. 🙂

    What is a nursing vest? I'm not familiar with the term.

    Looks good. Lots of great, helpful information on a small space! It might be a little too much info on one side. You might want to play around with moving some content to the other side, expanding the text size. White space can be good for readers' attention and eyes. 🙂

    Good work mama!


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