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Things I Should be Doing Thursday

I am a listmaker. Lists calm me and give me structure to my day. They give me a sense of achievement. Occasionally, they also leave me with that nagging feeling that I might be a bit odd…
Mr MilkChic accepts my oddities with good humour, although he did comment that the last minute pre-holiday shopping list I handed him (fake toenails, armbands, white wool) sounded more like a scavenger hunt.
I’ve decided to share my to do lists in the hope that a) I might  be shamed into crossing some things off the list b) some of you might have odder lists than me. Here’s this weeks:
  • Finish sewing Mr MilkChic’s kilt. I am currently “steeking” the pleats…
  • More crochet. I have managed to crochet more than I’ve undone this week so far.
  • I want at least 100 lovely items listed on MilkChic USA before I launch. And I want to launch this week.
  • Wash the sofa covers. They are were cream. Enough said.
  • Wash some of our old sheets with the green gingham duvet cover. We dyed some pillow cases a gorgeous colour by accident last week and are hoping for a matching set.
  • Get a promotional leaflet done. I’ve been putting it off for ages and can’t leave it much longer.
  • Photograph the bag full of Ebay bits I’ve been hoarding for months.
  • Tidy the house. Obviously.

One thought on “Things I Should be Doing Thursday

  1. I dobt know about the rest, but that eBay one has been on my list for months (if not years!) but is being tackled this weekend!

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