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Things I Should be Doing


I’m not having a good day today. Thursday is a nursery day and I am supposed to work on MilkChic, excavate carpets, tables & other “surfaces” and generally deal with the things I struggle with when the small one is awake and in residence. In the spirit of procrastination, and in honour of my favourite blog linkys – Silent Sunday at Mocha Beanie Mummy and Magpie Monday at Me and My Shadow, I thought I’d post a “Things I Should be Doing Thursday”:

  • Blogging about cloth nappies for Real Nappy Week (ideally before it’s over…)
  • Designing a leaflet on discreet breastfeeding techniques / clothes that work for breastfeeding to promote MilkChic
  • Cleaning the house – hoovering, removing the fungus growing on the bathroom floorboards (slightly less urgent now I’ve identified it as edible…)
  • Adding more lovely clothes to MilkChic and Armed & Glamorous
  • Building MilkChic USA (yes, it is happening!)
  • Sewing a kilt for Mr MilkChic in time for a wedding in a fortnight
  • Crocheting a blanket for my friend’s new baby (must finish this soon or the blanket will need to be bigger and I’ll have to find more wool)

2 thoughts on “Things I Should be Doing

  1. 🙂 I think this could easily be a regular post for me… 3 charity shops though – at least you haven't wasted your day. I haven't had any coffee yet as I forgot to buy milk…

  2. Damn that's a list and a half!

    LOL at the edible mushrooms – yum!

    I too should be doing useful things while little 'un is at nursery. So far I've met up with a friend, popped round my mum's for a coffee, visited 3 charity shops and got distracted by Twitter. Oh well! x

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