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Eureka! The MilkChic Sanity Solution (Toddler Edition)


If anyone has found this post hoping for salvation, I apologise now. It’s probably not quite that good. But it worked for me.*
*this morning, so far…

Small one slept like a dream as a baby, sleeping through from 6 weeks. She’s got over that now, and while the new house and a more stable routine has meant bedtime is starting to be less painful she usually wakes up in the middle of the night and ends up in with us. We’re trying to get to bed earlier ourselves so we can deal with it, but with trying to do the websites, unpack boxes, and find time to spend together, we usually end up passed out on the sofa and creep to bed about 1am.

This morning, small one held out til 445 before announcing it was morningtime and she wanted to get up. Even after an hours extra sleep, we were so exhausted we accepted her assessment of the situation without question and, having got her playing with toys, curled up in the foetal position hoping for another 15 minutes.

By the time we’d figured out how early it was, she’d been up and playing happily for a while and was demanding milk with menaces (amazing how aggressive “please” can sound…). Figuring I might hold out til the sun came up, I duly went downstairs and came back with milk and breakfast.

The effect was magical – she quietly ate ALL her breakfast, played for a little while, then climbed into our bed for a nap, waking up at 830. I should probably have got up and spring cleaned or done some domestic goddesstry, but I’m saving that for next time. I had a lovely rest, she woke up gorgeous and joyful, got dressed, had a second breakfast and helped me tidy her toys.

So maybe ridiculously early breakfast is the solution for us. If we are less sleep deprived, an hour in the morning to get organised while she naps could be a complete sanity saver.

I’ll let you know how it goes…*bounces away full of the joys of spring*.

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