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What to Wear?


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It’s June, the season of weddings, and I am in blind panic.

This weekend I attend my first hen do in some time (about 4 years by my reckoning). It will be my first weekend away from small one. I’ve not even had a full night away yet so this is a big deal. I’m not hugely worried – she’ll be with her Daddy, brother and sister, and I’m sure she’ll be fine. I might not be, but it’s my cousin’s weekend and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

I’ve had the niggling worries at the back of my mind of course. There’s probably something in the fact that I haven’t yet sorted transport or thought about packing. But all those pale into insignificance after the text I received just now:

…my friend has been doing some club investigating and has found a place we can queue jump…

Club investigating? I’m going clubbing? I know I’m not supposed to ask this, what with the website and all… but what the hell do I wear to a club in 2012??

The last time I went to a club was half a decade ago, and feels more like half a lifetime. To add to the terror, I have NEVER been to a club wearing flat shoes. I won’t last an hour in heels and I have no idea how to dance without them. I’m not even sure if I’ll manage dancing at all with my back, and I’m certain I won’t manage drinking to make up for it!


Please help me…

Most of you have young babies. Lots of you are properly youthful! You must have been to clubs more recently than me. If you help me dress myself for this weekend, I’ll calm down and post those breastfeeding friendly wedding guest outfit ideas you’re all looking for… deal??

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