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Where do babies come from?


I wasn’t expecting THAT question to come this early. Small one is only three!

Stork Mail: (c) dunedhel (IconBug)

To be fair, her nursery teacher just had a baby so it has been a subject of much discussion at playschool. She seemed pretty certain about it all when we were watching Dumbo a couple of weeks ago – “Storks DO NOT deliver babies Mummy”. Oh no…. “Postmen deliver babies!”

Then the lambs at the farm. She knows that lambs come from their mummies’ tummies but there was the tricky question of where mummy sheep come from. Again, we got off lightly. She decided that “Mummies and Grandmas knit the mummy sheep and then the babies go inside”. Sorted!

So I wasn’t really expecting this last night:

Olivia thinks babies come out of their mummy’s tummy, but they don’t – they come out of bums!

Erm! I always promised I would be honest when she asked, so I agreed but then explained that she had actually been taken out of my tummy by the doctor as she got lost on the way out. Possibly more detail than she needed, as the next question was…

Well WHICH babies came out of bums then???!!

That one was simple at least – your brother and your sister did, darling.

Anyone else dealing with difficult questions at the moment?

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