fashionable woman breastfeeding in public

Breastfeeding Techniques

Breastfeeding in public can be daunting for new mums. The reality is often much less scary than you imagine and most people are very supportive. If you feel more confident covered up, these breastfeeding techniques keep everything hidden without frumpy and cumbersome cover-ups.

Resources for Mums:

Shop by feeding technique:  Lift Up Style Breastfeeding    Pull Down Style Breastfeeding    Sleeve Breastfeeding

This requires a top which can be lifted to above the nipple. It is incredibly discreet – no danger of showing any breast but does limit you to tops and skirts or trousers.

Your clothing acts as a cover for the baby, so it’s good for infants who are easily distressed or distracted. It’s not so good for children who like to see you or who don’t like their heads covered. Feeding small babies this way exposes more tummy than other techniques but a low slung vest top or belly band is a great cover up without adding bulk.

Look for breastfeeding clothing:

  • Tops loose at the waist and under bust
  • Smock styling
  • Empire lines with stretch at bust for access

This is the simplest technique to shop for as you just need a top that will pull down over one breast at a time while keeping your shoulders covered.

Your baby’s head will cover all but the top of the feeding breast and your arms keep your sides hidden. For the ultimate in discreet feeding, or when your baby is still perfecting the quick latch,  wear a breastfeeding vest underneath (see shopping link or make your own).

Look for breastfeeding clothing:

  • Button down shirts & blouses
  • Wrap or unstitched crossover necks
  • Stretch fabric
  • Loose necklines

For this technique you need a sleeve and armhole wide enough to stretch to your nipple, allowing access for feeding. It is important to have a wide armhole as you want to be able to move your arm comfortably.

I found this a wonderful technique. It is very discreet, shows nothing of your belly or your breasts, and needs no additional layers underneath. With recent trends for batwings and balloon sleeves it is easy to find options on the high street, but it may become more difficult to shop for in the future.

Look for breastfeeding clothing:

  • Batwings (no cuffs)
  • Wide flared sleeves
  • Kimono sleeves

Note: These videos were shot using a doll as my daughter objected to constant clothing changes between takes….