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Bubble Betty Giveaway!


Bubble Betty Leopard Rain Bonnet

I have been trying very hard recently to persuade you all into a rain bonnet revival. It’s the perfect moment – Fifties styles are popular after the Diamond Jubilee, the weather is madly unpredictable (or unremittingly rainy), and they’re so much neater than a hood!

I’ll admit that the humble brolly looks pretty good most of the time, but it struggles in windy weather and is bl***y useless if you’re trying to push a pram or a buggy too. In fact, it’s in every mum’s best interest to make the cute and convenient rain bonnet a style essential once more!!

Bubble Betty Black Lace Rain Bonnet

Anyway, I’ve been harping on about this so much that the lovely people at Bubble Betty have offered me 4 of their beautiful retro rain bonnets to give away. They’re a bit of an upgrade on your average granny version – with cool prints and a neat little tin to keep them safe in your handbag. I’m mad for the leopard print one.

To enter, leave a comment below with your e-mail address (won’t be shared or used for any other purpose) below, or follow me on Twitter and tweet the following:

“I want to start a rain bonnet revival! Win with @MilkChic”

Do both, and you’ll get an extra entry! Winners will be selected at random on 20th June 2012.