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Xmas & New Years highlights


This post is in response to the Britmums Blog Prompt: What was your personal highlight from this past Christmas and New Year’s season? 

I’m not very good at Christmas so the fact that I enjoyed our first Christmas in our new house this year was a big deal. It was the first year that small one really got involved in Christmas, and the first year that we bought her a “proper” present – a lovely (and bargainous) Ebay balance bike. There was great excitement over making cards, decorating the tree, Father Christmas’ visit and all the stocking pressies too.

Here are my favourite moments from Christmas 2011:

1. Giggling hysterically alone in my car outside our local Sainsburys at the “Seasonal” signage….

Elf Checkout

2. Making “make your own cookie” jars for family and friends. Small one hasn’t really had sweets much and greatly enjoyed sorting smarties and M&Ms into colours for about an hour before I caved and admitted to her that they were edible.

SmartiesBaking cookies

3. Small one’s excitement at her Christmas presents, and riding her “motorbike” for the first time.

Balance Bike

4. Decorating the Christmas cake. I realise the motorbike and turtle may not be traditional in your household, but my Dad and I consider them essential to any decent Christmas, and it was great fun doing it together.

Christmas CakeChristmas Motorbike

What were your highlights?

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I’ve been a bit of a part timer this month but I couldn’t resist the Britmums blog prompt, which is SO appropriate for us right now:

Changes ~ What major (or minor) changes have happened to you this year that have made a difference in your life?

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You may have noticed that I haven’t been as active as normal on the blog, website, Twitter, Facebook…. well, just about everywhere really. That’s because the changes are coming thick and fast at MilkChic Mansions and I’m struggling to keep up!

Professionally, I have had to deal with a lot of negative changes over the last year. I have been trying desperately to get back to work since the end of my maternity leave, but over the last couple of months, I have had to accept that it is just not going to happen with my current employer. As not working isn’t an option, I now need to figure out what happens next and try to make it work around both small one and my current fitness level.

Physically, the change has been more positive. My back improved after an operation in May, but unfortunately the improvement isn’t enough to save my job. I’m waiting on another operation and am still hopeful I’ll run marathons again one day.

As a family, this year has been a better one. We are grateful that we’re all in good health. We’re still operating on a shoe string, but despite setbacks we are definitely wrenching back control.

It all pales into insignificance this week when we will move from our cramped 2 up 2 down terrace to a bigger house where small one will get her first bedroom and the garden is safe enough to play in.

Packing boxes is driving me insane, and I’m desperate to get some work done on the websites but it really feels like the first positive step towards happier times.

Normal service will resume at MilkChic next week – I’ll be the annoyingly cheerful one banging on about homewares, the joy of cupboards and other inane house related drivel.

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My biggest pet peeve is ……..

(C) MilkChic

This week I am using the Britmums Blogging Prompt as inspiration – who can resist a chance to rant about their pet peeve after all?

My pet peeve is a bit of an odd one. Since breastfeeding my daughter, and starting MilkChic, I have developed a pathological hatred of “fake” detailing on clothing.

You know the ones. They phrase it so carefully:

  • Button placket detail
  • Fixed wrap front
  • Cape styling

What they mean is:

  • Might have worked for breastfeeding, but we couldn’t be bothered to add the buttonholes and slight bodice overlap that would have made that possible for you.
  • Loved the look of that breastfeeding-friendly wrap dress, but thought it would be better if we sewed that pesky wrap down and removed the practicality before selling it to you.
  • Looks like it has wide armholes for sleeve feeding and a loose fit. Actually has armholes so tight they cut off your circulation and a cute looking overlay.

They will tell you these are cost saving exercises, but I know the truth.

They are specifically designed to frustrate mums trying to find breastfeeding-friendly clothing online. That’s you and me. Especially me, as hopefully some of you use MilkChic to find clothes that work for breastfeeding, and I’ve already screamed and shouted enough for all of us.

It’s enough to drive you to tea and cake!