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A Toddler Guide to Rugby


We just watched the England v Wales match. I don’t think she’s entirely got a grip on the game yet, but as we’re both big rugby fans it was great to see the small animated and interested. If you didn’t see it, here are the highlights:

Throw ball. JUMP!!! Got it, ball…. running, running, running. Oh no! Lost it! Man cuddle. Ah, is nice cuddle… Running, running. Oh no! Is fall down! Cuuuuuddle! Running. Running ‘gain… Drop it, ball. Got it, ball. Running. FALL DOWN!! Yay!!! Good girl boy!

Yep. That’s about it…

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Toddler Shopping List

Fruit (copyright LCB Glenn)

The small one told me she was going to the shop so I asked what she was going to buy:

“Soup. Chips. Apple. Banana.
Plum. Ham. Apple.”

I’ve been feeling a little low about her diet recently. She has gone from a child who tried everything and ate well, to a fussy one that picks off anything green.

That shopping list has given me a real boost. Maybe I shouldn’t worry so much.

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Bright Children – Be careful what you wish for!


If, before the small one entered the world, you had asked me what I wished for in my child, I would have said health, happiness, and… after a very short pause… intelligence.

As she grows, I am beginning to question my values. Health and happiness are a given. But I may have been shooting myself in the foot asking for intelligence. She is not yet 2, and is already starting to find loopholes in my reasoning. A recent example was “dippy-gate”:

Me: Not just dippy [ketchup] please. You can have meat and dippy or carrot and dippy, but not dippy on it’s own.

Small One: Fork dippy?

Me: No.

Small One: Finger dippy?

Me: Nooo.

Small One: Dippy drink…? *smiles winning smile*

I can’t help but imagine the teenage version… Why do I feel I’m going to be the one left acting petulant and illogical? Wish me luck!