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Mother’s Day: Treasure the Memories

I have always enjoyed celebrating Mother’s Day, usually picking a plant from the local garden centre for my compost crazy mum. In my close circle of friends though, the commercial exploitation of Mother’s Day means it gets a mixed press.

However you feel about the day itself, motherhood is special and deserves to be celebrated. I will always remember the excitement of feeling my daughter kick inside me as I gave my mum her card 2 years ago. Last year, my first “proper” Mothers Day with a young baby left me in floods of tears – I was so worried that I hadn’t got a card and present sorted for my own mum that it hadn’t occurred to me that I was finally a mother myself!
Gifts for mums-to-be & new mums:
Our most cherished items are rarely the most valuable. My parents keep plastic Ewoks and ugly old furniture pitted with mine and my brother’s teethmarks, and I treasure the cheap Avon ballerina necklace that my little brother gave me before he died more than any expensive jewels. If you are pregnant this Mothers Day or you have a young baby, why not celebrate motherhood with gifts that will hold memories for years to come.

Silver Pregnancy Bola pendant - Eliza
Bola pendant, Mama Jewels

Mama Jewels has a great selection of jewellery that is  both practical and beautiful. For mums-to-be, the pregnancy bola pendants are a lovely gift. Wear the bola pendant next to your bump and from around 20 weeks old your baby will be able to hear the bola’s gentle, reassuring chime. This memory stays with the baby, and once baby is born the bola’s chime can again be used to gently settle and soothe. 

For mums with young babies, the Mama Jewels new mum jewellery is ideal. When your wardrobe is limited and you don’t have time to pamper yourself, jewellery and accessories are an easy way to make yourself feel special, but most jewellery just won’t survive an inquisitive child. Beautiful enough to brighten up any day, Mama Jewels is the only nursing / teething necklace brand in the UK that test to toy safety standards on strength, design and toxicity. Despite their elegant appearance, they can be chewed, washed, sterilised and played with and, in years to come, those treasured baby teethmarks will be  far more easily stored than the ones on my parents sideboard!

Gifts from older children:

AM Jeweller

This year, my daughter will be old enough to make my day special herself. She has already started bringing home heart-melting little gifts of drawings and cardboard daffodils from nursery. For something a little longer lasting, why not print their artworks onto bags, mugs or clothing at Photobox, or even get them turned into beautiful silver jewellery.

Gifts for your mum: 
Now I’m a mother myself, I am even more appreciative of all the sacrifices my own mum makes without fanfare and often, to my shame, without thanks. Photo gifts are always welcome and I love the idea of a bound book of family photos. There are lots of companies that offer this service online – you can even upload your photo selection and format it  one-handed while breastfeeding! Photobox has “boasting books” starting at £5.99 and photo cards from £1.50.

Mother’s Day is this Sunday 3rd April and to celebrate, Mama Jewels is offering MilkChic customers 20% off – just enter the code BFM20 at checkout.

You can also get free delivery on orders over £10 at Photobox with the code MUMGIFTS, valid until 31st March 2011.