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My biggest pet peeve is ……..

(C) MilkChic

This week I am using the Britmums Blogging Prompt as inspiration – who can resist a chance to rant about their pet peeve after all?

My pet peeve is a bit of an odd one. Since breastfeeding my daughter, and starting MilkChic, I have developed a pathological hatred of “fake” detailing on clothing.

You know the ones. They phrase it so carefully:

  • Button placket detail
  • Fixed wrap front
  • Cape styling

What they mean is:

  • Might have worked for breastfeeding, but we couldn’t be bothered to add the buttonholes and slight bodice overlap that would have made that possible for you.
  • Loved the look of that breastfeeding-friendly wrap dress, but thought it would be better if we sewed that pesky wrap down and removed the practicality before selling it to you.
  • Looks like it has wide armholes for sleeve feeding and a loose fit. Actually has armholes so tight they cut off your circulation and a cute looking overlay.

They will tell you these are cost saving exercises, but I know the truth.

They are specifically designed to frustrate mums trying to find breastfeeding-friendly clothing online. That’s you and me. Especially me, as hopefully some of you use MilkChic to find clothes that work for breastfeeding, and I’ve already screamed and shouted enough for all of us.

It’s enough to drive you to tea and cake!