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A-Z of Breastfeeding


Baby: The point of the exercise. Cleverly designed to smile, gurgle, or be generally loveable at the point of highest stress and sleep deprivation.

Batwing sleeves: Wide sleeves that allow “sleeve feeding”… the practise of feeding a baby through the sleeve of your tops so as to keep mummy tummies and boobs covered up. Also see Kimono Sleeves, Cape Sleeves


Bonding: Breastfeeding is an amazing way to bond with your baby. There is a wonderful post at Analytical Armadillo that explains it so much better than I can. If you’re concerned about giving a breastfeeding Dad the “chance to bond”, check out these ideas – relevant to all parents, whether breastfeeding is an option or not.

Booby traps: Both real and imagined barriers to breastfeeding – often myths perpetuated by well meaning but misinformed advice. There is a great series on Booby Traps at Best for Babes.

Bras: A well fitted nursing bra makes breastfeeding access easier.

Breast(s): Essential equipment for breastfeeding.

Button fronts: Used in “pull down”style feeding. Where combined with a stretch fabric these are particularly versatile and can be used to cover up if preferred – unbutton in the centre of the placket and pull to one side for simple feeding access with only one layer!See the full A-Z of Breastfeeding so far, and feel free to add your own in the comments!

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Toddler Talk: The Boobs Edition

Small one is very curious about bodies at the moment. She only weaned a few weeks ago, so when she pointed sleepily at my boobs the other night, I was expecting something milk related.
Apparently we’ve moved on from there…
Small one:   Mummy got nightmilks!
Me:             Yes.
Small one:   1, 2 nightmilks?
Me:             Yes.
Small one:   3, 4 nightmilks?
Me:             No. Just 2 darling.
Small one:   23 nightmilks?

Me:             No. Just 2.

Small one:   Sister got nightmilks?

Me:             Yes. Sister has nightmilks.

Small one:   Grandma has nightmilks?

Me:             Yes. Grandma has nightmilks.

Small one:   Daddy haven’t got nightmilks?

Me:             No. Daddy hasn’t got nightmilks. Daddy is a man.

Small one:   Daddy not have nightmilks. Daddy has JESS DOGGY!

He’s really not that hairy!

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