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Lightweight Baby Sleeping Bags for Summer


This hot weather is taking me right back. I had real difficulties getting the clothing / temperature levels right and from day 1, the small one would throw all her blankets off and then wake up frozen in the middle of the night

I found baby sleeping bags a godsend but the usual summer weight is 1.0 tog, which can still seem quite warm. There are 0.5 tog options available, but but usually at a price.

If you’re also a fan, the cheapest selection of 0.5 tog baby sleeping bags I have found are at Amazon and start at £15.99.


I’m very grateful that small one has better “central heating” these days as she seems allergic to bedding of any shape or form and if it’s cold I just have to wrap her up in layers of pyjamas. Tonight, I think she’ll be sleeping in just a nappy!