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Breastmilk Jewellery?


You can find breastfeeding jewellery all over the place… but I’d never seen jewellery made of breastmilk before this week! A number of sellers on Etsy have been producing designs from preserved breastmilk to commemorate your breastfeeding experience. You can even buy kits to make your own breast milk jewellery!

I wasn’t sure. “Preserved breastmilk” makes me think instantly of that sour milk smell that nursing bras get after a while no matter how carefully you wash them – not exactly the memory I would have wanted to cherish.

There are some really quite cute designs though.

©2002-2013 Hollyday Designs.MommyMilk® Creations Breast Milk Bead™ Pendants©2002-2013 Hollyday Designs.

Maybe I would have been tempted. What do you think?