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Planning for Christmas


There’s lots going on for me and Mr MilkChic right now. Sadly most of the things we’re excited about I either don’t feel right blogging about or I can’t blog about until they’re signed & sealed, leaving me feeling like I’m about to burst!!

One of the wonderful things is that, after nearly 18 months waiting I finally have an appointment with the consultant about my back and as the NHS has referred me to a private hospital, the eternal optimist in me is hoping that things will progress rapidly and I might be back running marathons before small one starts school 😀

MCCALL HOMEMAKING COVER, XMAS TREEWhile it’s all good news (or will be, when I’m able to shout about it), it does mean we’re going to be even more busy than usual in the run up to Christmas and I need to get pretty much organised by the end of the month, which gives me… erm…. 7 days(!) to get my house in order (literally and figuratively), get the kids to write Christmas lists, buy Christmas presents, hide them somewhere small one won’t look (shed?), buy, write and post Xmas cards and organise myself so Parcelforce can collect all the parcels for those people I now know I’m not going to see before Christmas in one lot.

I have about a million blog posts rolling about in my head, things I want to make and do, and people I really want to see before time gets spread even thinner. On the personal side, I also need to get my hair cut and buy some new clothes, all while spending as much time as possible with small one.

Of course this now means I need to write a lot of lists. Luckily for me my friends know me very well – as part of my campaign to see all my best friends at least once before the end of the month, I went out for dinner last night and was given a belated birthday present of a gorgeous hand stitched Paperchase notebook, which is now blissfully full with random jottings and things to do.

While I’m here, if anyone has any great ideas for Christmas gifts you can post, please send them my way!!