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Vintage Style Nursing Dresses


If you like to rock a vintage vibe, don’t let a little thing like breastfeeding get in the way of your style. Leave frumpy nursing dresses behind and check out these retro designs which should work just as well as specialist nursing clothes.

This gorgeous fifties style comes in 3 shades and while the wrap front is “mock”, the fabric is stretchy so you should have room to manoeuvre. Go for a size up from your usual and wear with a net petticoat for added va-va-voom!

These lovely dresses also have that fifties feel. With a button front or stretch down neckline, breastfeeding access is simple – just layer over a nursing vest or add a cardigan worn cape style if you prefer to stay covered:

You don’t have to be a fifties fan to work a vintage look. Here are a few more of our breastfeeding friendly favourites:

Collectif Dana Navy Fitted Linen Vintage 50s Nautical Sailor Pencil Wiggle Dress

Sailor Style Blue Wiggle Dress

Find lots more vintage inspired nursing clothes on the shop pages.

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Halloween Costumes for Breastfeeding Mums


If you’ve been invited to a Halloween party this year, and are wondering what you can wear, here are a few breastfeeding friendly costume options.

Spider Queen, £15
Just pull down to feed in this dress. Add a nursing vest for extra coverage.

Deluxe Hooded Robe, £34.99
This should also stretch down. For more discreet breastfeeding, wear over a nursing vest.

Gothic Vampiress, £34
You’ll need a strapless nursing bra and a bit of confidence for this one, but it’ll definitely work! If you want to stay covered up, add a cape or cardi buttoned cape-style for discreet feeding.

If you’re not feeling body confident, don’t dismiss all the usual sexy minis straight away – they’re not as scary worn as tunics over leggings or skinny jeans and just as sexy!

Zombie Nurse, £33.99
The zip front on this dress gives brilliantly simple breastfeeding access. Layer over a nursing vest if you prefer to cover up.

Maternity Devil Dress, £33.99
If baby hasn’t arrived yet, try this Maternity Devil Dress. It should stretch for breastfeeding too.

More Halloween costume posts coming soon! Get 10% off at Angels Fancy Dress with code: SPOOKY10 (Ends 31/10/2012)

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Win A Crave Maternity Nursing Dress: World Breastfeeding Week


World Breastfeeding Week is 1st-8th August 2012 and to celebrate, MilkChic has teamed up with lots of breastfeeding friendly retailers to give nursing mums a treat. Today, Crave Maternity are giving away a gorgeous dress, that will stretch from the first weeks of pregnancy right through until you finish breastfeeding!

Pregnancy is a great excuse to shop, but if money is tight it’s hard to justify buying a whole new wardrobe for less than 9 months wear. You can reduce the guilt, and the strain on your purse-strings by picking breastfeeding friendly items that you can continue to wear in the months after baby is born*.

*I am acutely aware that if pregnant me had read that last sentence, I would have been horrified… wear maternity clothes? For MONTHS after I give birth??! But you will… so they might as well be nice.

Sod’s law also dictates that you will need to attend a christening, wedding, or similarly dressy event within 8 weeks of your baby’s birth. If you are breastfeeding, you will then need to buy a flattering, breastfeeding-friendly outfit for a body you haven’t yet adjusted to and which will helpfully continue to shape shift hourly, and you’ll need to find it with a squealing newborn in tow. MilkChic is obviously the destination website for this kind of dilemma… but having a versatile dress in your wardrobe that will cover the crossover from pregnancy to new mum is a godsend – you might even get to wear it a few times before maternity leave too!

Crave Maternity are giving away the French Navy Panel Nursing / Maternity Dress worth £75, pictured above to one lucky winner. The dress is made of soft, stretchy jersey and includes a panel just over the belly which allows for nursing, making it a great investment piece.

To enter the giveaway, visit the Crave Maternity website and then leave a comment below telling me what your favourite item is from their range.

For a bonus entry, share this giveaway on Facebook, or tweet the following on Twitter:

I want to win a @CraveMaternity #maternity & #breastfeeding dress with @MilkChic #WorldBreastfeedingWeek

Crave have lots more breastfeeding friendly maternity styles. This is what I would choose!

This Taupe Tea Dress is stylish, easy to throw on and will work for day or evening – just change accessories to completely change your look. The stretchy crossover front will give nursing access, while the flattering shape will skim the wobbly bits.

After baby is born, a nursing vest like the Amoralia Shapewear Nursing Chemise will give you extra body confidence

You can also get 20% off at Crave Maternity with code: NEWMUM until 31st August 2012. You can find some more breastfeeding friendly Crave designs here.

Giveaway Terms & Conditions: Entries restricted to UK & Ireland only. Closing date: 13th August 2012, 23:59. Winners will be chosen at random from entrants and announced at No cash alternative. If initial winner cannot be contacted after 7 days, we reserve the right to draw an alternative.

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Batwing Dresses for Breastfeeding


I wrote about the convenience of batwing tops for breastfeeding last week. Here are some rather lovely batwing dresses that should also work well for nursing mums.

Most of these are perfect for the summery weather we’re having at the moment as you won’t need any additional layers, and the joy of a dress is that you don’t have to tax your brain further by trying to coordinate an outfit.

I have included a couple of knit dresses in the selection… after all, the weather can’t really stay this way all summer??

Lazy Lu Day Maxi Dress, Blue Multi Miss Sixty Batwing Dress
Lazy Lu Day Maxi Dress, Blue Multi
£52 until 5th June (20% off)
Miss Sixty Batwing Dress
Was £115 Now £79
Coleen Square Kimono Dress Anmol Batwing Striped Kaftan
Coleen Square Kimono Dress
Anmol Batwing Striped Kaftan
Was £26.99 Now £12
Sargent Knit Batwing Dress Jersey Maxi Dress
Sargent Knit Batwing Dress
Was £110 Now £45
Jersey Maxi Dress
Indah Leah Wing and Band Tunic, Blue Mirage Indah Leah Wing and Band Tunic, Blue Mirage
Indah Leah Wing and Band Tunic, Blue Mirage
Was £65.58 Now £42.66 – £46.48
Indah Leah Wing and Band Tunic, Chocolate Mirage
Was £65.58 Now £42.66 – £46.48

Find more fashion for sleeve breastfeeding

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A-Z of Breastfeeding


Daddy – supportive Dads make a breastfeeding relationship work or work better.

Demand – Feeding “on demand” means responding flexibly to your baby’s requests for food, rather than trying to enforce a timetable of regular feeding. I believe that demand feeding is absolutely key to successful initiation of breastfeeding. This is a great article on why it is so important. If you are a very structured person, the uncertainty of breastfeeding on demand can feel very uncomfortable at times. Building in a routine around the feeding process so that only the timing is uncertain can help you to regain a feeling of control without making breastfeeding itself harder than it has to be.

Designer milk – Breastmilk is available in the correct volume, at the correct temperature, perfectly designed for your baby’s age, growth stage, the time of day, the weather and with all the antibodies your baby needs… wherever and whenever they need it.

Dispelling Breastfeeding Myths – one of my favourite breastfeeding blogs.

Distractions – As your baby gets older, there are a million and one things that will distract them in the middle of feeds. It is a developmental stage that is amusing, frustrating, occasionally embarrassing (when they pull off and look around while exposing you to all and sundry) and sometimes painful (when they forget to let go before looking around).

Donating Milk – Some women are unable to breastfeed, often due to stress or illness. If you have an oversupply of milk, consider donating to your local milk bank. You can find more information about donating from the United Kingdom Association for Milk Banking.

Dream Feeds – Offering a feed just before you go to bed. This seems counterintuitive if your baby is already asleep, but often you can feed without really waking the baby. If you are lucky, dream feeding can mean that you get a longer sleep at night before they wake again.

Dress – You don’t have to avoid dresses just because you are breastfeeding. There are specially designed nursing dresses available, but button down dresses and wrap dresses work equally well.

Drugs in Breastmilk Hotline – If you’re worried about taking prescription drugs while breastfeeding and need some advice, call the hotline on 0844 412 4665 or e-mail including age of baby, dose, frequency and name of medication or drug for help and information.

See the full A-Z of Breastfeeding so far, and feel free to add your own in the comments!