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Exposed zips… hidden benefits from the Olympics


I really meant to write an Olympics inspired blog post… you know the sort of thing – gold, silver & bronze… events for a breastfeeding mum decathlon…. something immensely witty and amusing that would have been shared widely across social networks… but what with my daughter’s birthday and World Breastfeeding Week, it didn’t happen.

I watched the opening ceremony last night for the Paralympics, arguably going to be even more exciting, which starts today and I was slightly disappointed to see that the Star Trek zippy dresses were missing in action.

Honestly, I’m no more sure about the Olympic presentation dresses now than I was at the beginning, but there’s no denying a trend for zips in odd places might make life very easy for fashion-loving breastfeeding mums. They may not feature in the Paralympics, but there are still a fair few Olympic style exposed zips in the shops.

Here are some more conventional options… matching peaked hats optional:

AX Paris Navy Floral Frill Playsuit, £25 Zip Front Drop Back Dress, £45
Black Zip Front Vest, £25 TIBI Paisley print zip drape dress, £180

The zip fronts are perfect for breastfeeding access – just layer over a basic nursing vest if you want more coverage while feeding. You can find lots more exposed zip styles in the main listings.