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The MilkChic Marketing Board: Thank you!


Thanks to everyone who helped with the content of my breastfeeding flyer. This is the final version:

I’ve taken on board as much of the feedback as possible. In the end, I decided to focus on  practical breastfeeding tips. I hope that it’s clear in the final version that covering up is one of many options, not a necessity. The only essential for breastfeeding clothes is easy access. After that, everything is personal preference.

Having spoken to lots and lots of mums, I have completely removed the word “discreet”. As I wrote in a previous post on semantics, I do think it describes the style in which many women prefer to breastfeed. Unfortunately, it can also be read with negative connotations. I don’t want there to be any of that ambiguity in this leaflet.

Feel free to print, copy or share the leaflet but please don’t crop or change it. You can download a PDF version Breastfeeding Leaflet.