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sleeping childWe’ve been struggling with sleep in our household for a while now. Small one moved to her own room nearly a year ago when we moved house and is still not managing a full night in her own bed.

I think we let things slide a little when she first got her “big girl bed”. It was so much easier when she woke up in the night to call out and tell her to come into Mummy and Daddy’s room than to get out from under our nice warm covers and settle her back to sleep in her own room.

Most of the time it’s no big deal. She goes to bed beautifully and if she wakes during the evening she settles quickly, even when she has what we think are sleepwalking episodes and wakes on the landing. But still every night she ends up snuggled between us at some point between 3 and 5am.

Lately we’ve been desperately trying to get it to 6am which, without sleep deprivation, might feel like a sensible time to face the day. We’ve talked about it with her, about how big girls sleep in their own beds most of the time, and while it seems to be getting through in the daytime, at night nothing changes.

So when a little quivery voice said, “Mummy, please don’t go to sleep…” as I read the bedtime story, my heart sank in expectation of a long and tiring night. But I was wrong:

Mummy, please don’t go to sleep. I need you to stay awake and sleep in your own bed tonight.

Well I suppose she’s right. I have slept in her room a lot recently. Perhaps I need to get used to sleeping in my own bed like a big mummy?