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Dressing the part


It occurred to me earlier, that if I am to be truly a fashion guru [cue manic laughing] then I must start thinking about what I am wearing before I leave the house.

I’m sure it used to be second nature. I’ve never been a big fan of high effort dressing, which is why I prefer dresses over separates (just add shoes…), but I seem to remember that a cursory glance in the mirror was all it took and I don’t remember ever having to go back and change afterwards either.

Motherhood seems to have rerouted my natural fashion sense (either that, or it’s been absorbed into MilkChic) and I’ve found myself out in some interesting outfits in public.

Only a couple of weeks ago, I found myself explaining to my (new) neighbour that I don’t usually wear my hair in bunches, having gone out to empty the bins after a toddler guided styling session. A couple of days later, I wore a short-ish jumper dress, Mr MilkChic’s parka and my wellie boots to the local shop. Small one is two and manages to dress herself better.

And after a series of similar incidents, what caused the epiphany? Erm, well… would you take fashion advice from a woman who could look down and find herself wearing this?

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Apparently so…