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Black Friday Deals


It seems that Black Friday has really arrived in the UK this year, with just about everybody sending out special offers to tempt us to buy. Here’s my lowdown on some of the best deals.

Amazon started the Black Friday trend in the UK and they’re still leading the way with new offers going live every 10 minutes. Check out their deals page and set your alarm to grab a bargain before they run out! To give you a taster, here are my favourites from their upcoming deals:


Up to 30% off at M&S until 1st December 2014

25% off everything at Warehouse until 1st December 2014 with code “CYBER25

Up to 50% off at Urban Outfitters until 1st December 2014

20% off selected John Lewis Winter Fashion. Some good deals on kids snowsuits and adult accessories.

John Lewis White Padded Snowsuit
John Lewis White Padded Snowsuit

Up to 40% off brands at House of Fraser

Homewares & Gifts

Up to 40% off brands at House of Fraser

20% off all full price and sale items at Anthropologie

Knitted Reindeer Puppet
Engraved rolling pin

20% off plus free delivery over £50 at the White Company with code “AE602

White Company Toys
White Company Glassware

20% off at Paperchase with code “PAPERTREAT20”. Ends 1st December 2014.


Black Friday weekend at the Entertainer – huge discounts with more Daily Deals to follow up to the 13th December 2014. Top deals are:

Scan2Go: Was £20 Now £5

Scan2Go Car
Dinosaur Train – InterAction Roar ‘n’ React Boris Tyrannosaurus: Was £29.99 Now £14.99

Tyrannosaurus Roar n React
Polly Pocket Wall Party: Was £39.99 Now £9.99

Polly Pocket Wall Party
Twister Dance Rave: Was £29.99 Now £9.99

Twister Dance Rave


Up to 30% off selected Christmas Trees at John Lewis

John Lewis Argyle Fir Christmas Tree
Up to 60% off decorations, lights and trees at Argos

Berry Christmas Lights

Most of the offers are only last a few days (or even hours!). Check out our full list of retailer offers and voucher codes.

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Planning for Christmas


There’s lots going on for me and Mr MilkChic right now. Sadly most of the things we’re excited about I either don’t feel right blogging about or I can’t blog about until they’re signed & sealed, leaving me feeling like I’m about to burst!!

One of the wonderful things is that, after nearly 18 months waiting I finally have an appointment with the consultant about my back and as the NHS has referred me to a private hospital, the eternal optimist in me is hoping that things will progress rapidly and I might be back running marathons before small one starts school 😀

MCCALL HOMEMAKING COVER, XMAS TREEWhile it’s all good news (or will be, when I’m able to shout about it), it does mean we’re going to be even more busy than usual in the run up to Christmas and I need to get pretty much organised by the end of the month, which gives me… erm…. 7 days(!) to get my house in order (literally and figuratively), get the kids to write Christmas lists, buy Christmas presents, hide them somewhere small one won’t look (shed?), buy, write and post Xmas cards and organise myself so Parcelforce can collect all the parcels for those people I now know I’m not going to see before Christmas in one lot.

I have about a million blog posts rolling about in my head, things I want to make and do, and people I really want to see before time gets spread even thinner. On the personal side, I also need to get my hair cut and buy some new clothes, all while spending as much time as possible with small one.

Of course this now means I need to write a lot of lists. Luckily for me my friends know me very well – as part of my campaign to see all my best friends at least once before the end of the month, I went out for dinner last night and was given a belated birthday present of a gorgeous hand stitched Paperchase notebook, which is now blissfully full with random jottings and things to do.

While I’m here, if anyone has any great ideas for Christmas gifts you can post, please send them my way!!

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The Results are in… The “Shopping Gene”


Last week I was inspired by a piece of retail research into gender and shopping to try a social experiment.

I admit it wasn’t hugely scientific but, out of curiosity, I tweeted various “last chance to buy” kids clothing sale bargains and tracked which ones got the most clicks to see whether parents really are more interested in clothes for their daughters than their sons.

And my results were…. erm… pretty inconclusive really.

  • Girls and boys links were clicked equally.
  • Unisex lines were most popular

I even tried to see whether people were more interested in boys sun suits, bearing in mind that boys are supposed to be encouraged into more outdoor and active pursuits, but again, no real difference.

So I’m not sure it’s true at all. Maybe there isn’t enough variety to tempt parents to the boys clothes. Maybe boys have more crossover in their wardrobes, whereas girls are expected to have “best dresses” as well as “practical” outfits.

Incidentally, the line that got most interest was this shark print t-shirt – it’s a boys fashion line, but it’s not blue or sludge coloured…. and it’s suitable for girls, but it’s not pink… Basically, it’s a bit different – perhaps all we really want for both boys and girls is a little bit of variety?

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The Shopping Gene: Nature or Nurture?

Baby girl dress, Debenhams

I was interested to read a report about the so-called “shopping gene” in women this morning. Debenhams commissioned the study after their sales figures showed that their baby girls clothing outsells clothes for baby boys by a colossal 20%.

Apparently, those of us with little girls encourage them to care more about clothes through dressing up play and shopping together, whereas boys are encouraged into more active pursuits.

So why is it I’m always drawn to the boys stuff?

Romper suit, Debenhams

Don’t get me wrong – I love simple, cute little dresses for the small one, but show me a cute boys romper, or a cool tractor print and my purse opens on autopilot before I’ve even figured out who it’s for.

The small one has plenty of unisex clothing – I don’t see why cars & diggers should be just for the boys – but I do know understand why so many girls wear pink constantly until the age of 3. However many times you tell yourself that you don’t care if people think your beautiful daughter is a boy, it still rankles that it isn’t immediately obvious to them that she’s not.

I don’t know whether I would have bought less clothes for a boy. Possibly. There is often less variety in colour and style to justify spending the money. I know that if I find something lovely and feminine that isn’t pink, I feel the need to buy it immediately…

I grew up with a fairly gender neutral approach to life from both sides of the family and I hope that I don’t ever push her towards “feminine” activities when her interest is elsewhere. At the moment she enjoys a mix of activity and creativity which is all her own, and she’s definitely an outdoorsy kind of a girl.

At least, when I stereotypically instill a love of fashion and retail into my daughter I can pretend I’m teaching her about my career as a buyer. That’s OK – right?I’m going to be conducting a social experiment of my own on this later, posting some kids clothing “last chance to buy” sale bargains on Twitter to see which generate most interest.

What do you think? Do we really want to buy more clothes for girls, or are retailers just not giving us boys clothes worth buying?